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The Flux Capacitor Syndrome Project ( FCSP from here on) is a series of on going art installations shown in galleries and art museums.

The project is collaboration between the two artists Anders Reventlov Larsen and Lars Sarto Hempler.

FCSP builds large site-specific installations.

The constructions are made by a large mix of materials but always with the main focus on the UV lighting and optical white material.

The title of the project comes from the ”The Flux capacitor” made famous in a Movie from 1985.
Here the device is portrayed as: what makes time travel possible.
The film highlights the idea that all actions have consequence here by revealing the Syndrome as the pattern of symptoms that indicates a particular social condition in human society.

We work to create an understanding of what happens when the Flux Capacitor Syndrome strikes society and we once again enter a horrific journey into the unknown.
The audience will find it self, in an uncanny feeling of being conducted by the Beauty of decay.

Our work is an open work and ultimately we are interested in engaging the audience in a new way of encountering society.


The world suffers from a syndrome (FCS)
We make art and though art we can prove the existence of the FCS
The art institution is an authority.
Using the art institution we give audience insight in the consequence of the FCS
The insight is the antidote

The discovery of the flux capacitor syndrome leaves us with no choice but to make people aware of its existence.

One way of describing the syndrome is to look for symptoms.
These can be found in what can appear to be normal behavior.
One behavior that indicates a person suffering from the syndrome is the need to correct mistakes made in the past hereby creating new problems with the need for further correction in the future.

This is what society knows as the circle of evil.

How ever it is only one of many symptoms revealing a society struck by the FCS.

With our newly gained knowledge we of course needs the best and fastest way communicating this out to the masses.
With no luck to get our knowledge out through all the major mainstream media associations it occurred to us, that we had to use an old and overlooked authority in the mind-shaping and brainwashing business.

By using the art institution we will not only gain the power and ultimate attention from the masses about our discovery.
But also make the masses aware of the art institution as a critic opponent to truth about unseen, and unspoken errors in the history of humanity.

Finally we will gain access to our major goal, making the world a better place, basically saving this world from decay
By making the society aware of the FCS

What have we done so far? We have already build and made large scale art installations, since 2007, in different galleries and museums

In our installations
We are working directly, in materials that are the closest persona gem of the Syndrome in physical shape, to name a few: Optical white, UV Lightning, and Styrofoam.

In short:

Making people aware of the Flux capacitor syndrome, and the fact that it is human disease that will eventually cause the destruction of the universe.
This mixed with the ART INSTITUTION, making people aware of this forgotten important authority.
This clash will make us more aware and the syndrome will be cured, in approximately over a 1000 Year time range.

The Flux Capacitor Syndrome Project is a rescue mission.
Title: “Subtropolis”
Place: Gallery Spanien19c  Aarhus, Denmark 2007
Materials: Mixed media
Size: 7x4 meters

Title: “Subnicipality”
Place: Basement, Vega Copenhagen Denmark 2008
Materials: Mixed media
Size: 6x3 meters
Title: “Subcanny”
Place: Gallery Machwerket, Aarhus, Denmark 2009
Materials: Mixed media
Size: full-room installation
Title: “De-Rising”
Place: Vejle Art museum, Vejle Denmark 2010
Materials: Mixed media
Size: 6x6 meters

The FCSP are always looking for new ways to develop our concept and collaborations.
We send you this document in the hope that you will find our project interesting and consider us for a future exhibition at your institution.

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